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Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island

Southport's waterfront
St. Philip's Episcopal Chapel of the Cross, established during colonial rule. This is not the original Chapel of the Cross, but the church has had a long history with the people of Brunswick County since their mutual establishment in the 1700's.
Southport lies on the coast of Brunswick county near the mouth of the Cape Fear River. I have come to catch the ferry to Bald Head Island, across the river where the Cape Fear River meets the Atlantic Ocean.
The ferry sits in the marina at Bald Head Island.
Bald Head Island does not allow cars, so everyone rides a bike or an electric golf cart. I, though, think I'll take my chances walking...
Across the Cape Fear River is Caswell Beach and its Lighthouse watching over the mouth of the Cape Fear River.
Coastal Plain
Old Baldy, the Bald Head Island Lighthouse. It was built in 1817 and was decommissioned around 1903 when the Cape Fear Lighthouse was completed at the southeastern tip of the island.
Old Baldy Lighthouse.
During the Revolutionary War, the English controlled Fort George on Bald Head Island. In September 1776, American forces attacked the fort, but were repulsed. This was believed to be the first amphibious assault in American military history.

Fort Holmes

The Confederacy also built Fort Holmes on this site in 1863, but the fort was destroyed and evacuated by the Confederacy following Fort Fisher's fall to the Union forces in January 1865.
Coastal Plains
Only the southern third of Bald Head Island (formerly known as Smith Island) is inhabited. The rest is untouched marsh land as seen here.
The Bald Head Island Maritime Forest Preserve itn the eastern part of the island, with easy, nearly-flat hiking trails!
The foundation is all that remains of the Cape Fear Lighthouse which stood here from 1903 to 1958, when it was replaced by the Caswell Beach Lighthouse. The southeastern cape, near here, used to be known as Cape Fear in the 1700's, hence the name for the lighthouse and the nearby river despite the cape no longer carrying the old name.
Near the lighthouse is also the sea turtle museum and conservation society. Sea turtles often lay their eggs on the beaches of Bald Head Island.
The Commons, a park in an eastern neighborhood on Bald Head Island. The park has a lighthouse-like wooden tower barely taller than the surrounding trees.
A wild fox running through the small town.
The Eastern Beach of Bald Head Island on the Atlantic Ocean.
It may have taken a few hours, but I walked the three miles from the marina to the west across Bald Head Island to the Eastern Beach! I would suggest renting a golf cart from the touristic monopoly.
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