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Touring Wilmington

Day's Slideshow

Airlie Gardens

Wilmington, NCWilmington, NC
Airlie Gardens Airlie Gardens Save to foursquare
Today is a holiday off work and I decide to spend the day touring a couple of the highlights Wilmington has to offer, starting with the Airlie Gardens near Wrightsville Beach.
Airlie Oak has been standing since 1545 and is one of the largest living oak trees in the Carolinas.
Minnie Evans Sculpture Garden.
A butterfly basking on the walkway in the butterfly house.
Airlie Lake, a man-made fresh-water lake home to various wildlife.
Fountain of Youth, Life, and Knowledge
An Italian-style fountain alongside Airlie Lake.
One of two interesting benches in the Pergola Garden. On each leg/armrest is a bust of a lion.
Honeysuckles, specifically Japanese Honeysuckles. When I was a kid, a fun part of late spring, early summer is tasting the sweet nectar in these little flowers.
Fountain of Youth, Life, and Knowledge
A beautiful fountain in Airlie Gardens.
A marina on Bradley Creek, a tidal creek that leads out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Fear Museum

My next destination is downtown Wilmington, specifically the Cape Fear Museum.
Fountain of Youth, Life, and Knowledge
A beautiful fountain sits at the center of the intersection of Market and Fifth Streets. Oddly enough, the intersection is a standard, though badly misshaped, intersection with a stop light. Having the large fountain take up so much space, a roundabout would have been a much better, safer design...
When you pay for entry into the Cape Fear River, you are given a single token for use in this old jukebox. There is no way to know which song you'll hear until it's playing, but it is nice, nonetheless, to hear some old music from the early- to mid-twentieth century.
The Cape Fear Museum includes these road signs, showing the length of Interstate 40 from Wilmington, NC to Barstow, California, 2554 miles.
A skeleton of a Giant Sloth found near Wilmington.
Overall, the Cape Fear Museum may be a little small, but it has a variety of exhibits to enjoy about the history of Wilmington and the Cape Fear River region.
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