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Military History

Airborne and Special Ops Museum

I am preparing to trade-in my old, run-down Camry for a beautiful, brand-new car. First, though, I need to get a good deal on my current car. To that end, I have driven to the nearest Carmax to Wilmington, 100 miles away in Fayetteville, NC.
Fayetteville is near Fort Bragg, home of the US Army Airborne Force and Special Forces. So, after my visit to the used car lot, I headed to downtown Fayetteville to visit the Airborne and Special Ops Museum.
Statue of General Henry Hugh Selton, 14th Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Iron Mike, in honor of Airborne Troopers in front of the entrance to the Airborne and Special Ops Museum.
A paratrooper landing inside the Airborne and Special Ops Museum.
United States
A Vietnam-era helicopter and soldiers.
United States
A forest-colored tank in the Airborne and Special Ops Museum.
During my visit, a tornado warning came up and everyone in the museum was told to leave. That didn't make any sense. If there were a tornado, wouldn't they want us to stay safely inside the museum and not outside in our cars?
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