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To the War Memorials

Today I travel north from Wilmington to see the beaches of Topsail Beach and Surf City on my way to the military city of Jacksonville.
Colorful store front in the little, sleepy tourist town of Topsail Beach.
In the 1940s following World War II, the military used Topsail Beach to build and test the ram jet engine. The old assembly building is now a museum, though it was not open during my visit.
Private docks on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.
A nice boardwalk over the marshes along the Intracoastal Waterway in Surf City.
The Vietnam War Memorial, located a short distance from Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville.
An expansion of the Vietnam War Memorial featuring a circular fountain and a glass wall with the names of those who served in the war.
A close look at the circular wall of the Vietnam War Memorial
The Beirut Memorial, honoring the troops who went in a peace-keeping mission to Beirut, Lebanon in 1982-1984.
The marine statue, part of the Beirut Memorial.
A beam from the Twin Towers in New York City, which were destroyed in 9/11. It now sits here in Jacksonville with the Vietnam Memorial and the Beirut Memorial.
I hate to politicize 9/11 and war, but it really irks me that this 9/11 memorial has been dedicated to veterans of the Iraq War. But, Jacksonville is a conservative military city...
A nice community park along W Railroad St in downtown Jacksonville.
An old caboose sits in front of the old railway station at the end of the park where the railroad used to lay, now a barely noticed memorial to a noble, ancient form of transportation long forgotten by most Americans.
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