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서울의 한강 Seoul's Han River

Gallery 1

I have returned to Seoul, yet again, to pick-up my repaired netbook from Dell (globalisation has its benefits). Afterwards, I head to 이태원 Itaewon, a neighborhood south of Seoul's 남산 Namsan. I was told it would have a few bars, but I wasn't told how overly touristic (er, touristy?) it would be. The main road is crammed full of nonKorean tourists and soldiers and plenty of shops catering to their interests. Definately nothing worth seeing...
A beautiful streetscape in 이태원 Itaewon near 남산 Namsan.
After settling into a hotel and having dinner, I decided to walk along Seoul's 한강 Han River near 국회의사당 the National Assembly Building.
A subway bridge framing 국회의사당 the National Assembly Building.
Looking south across the 한강 Han River to 국회의사당 the National Assembly Building and its 여의동 Yeoui-dong neighborhood.
당산2동 Dangsan2-dong residential neighborhood along the 한강 Han River with the green dome of the 국회의사당 National Assembly Building to the left.
From the 당산역 Dangsan Subway Station, there is a pedestrian walkway along the subway bridge across the highway, providing access to 한강시민공원 Han River Denizen's Park, the riverside park along the 한강 Han River, a nice view of the National Assembly Building. I recommend a visit to the area if you have a few hours to spare from the typical tourist destinations.
Looking across the 한강 Han River along a subway bridge over 한강시민공원 Han River Denizen's Park.
You may notice a slight grey hue hanging over the city in some of these shots. It's a little unsettling and reminds me of Beijing. Seoul is certainly a city worth visiting, nonetheless.
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