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대구 Daegu

Children's Day

Today is Children's Day (어린이날) in Korea. It's a nice public holiday for everyone to spend with their children. I decided to spend my holiday in 대구 Daegu, specifically at 두류공원 Duryu Park, a large park in the city by 우방타워랜드 Ubang Tower Land (or "Woobang", though Koreans can't say "woo").
대구타워 Daegu Tower, or alternatively 우방타워 Ubang Tower, a tall tourist attraction providing a view over the city. Many Korean and Japanese cities feature such point-less structures.
A baseball stadium full of children and their families listening to a concert, playing games, and just enjoying some rest. All amatuer baseball fields in Korea are dirt fields like this. I couldn't stand being down in the field for more than a few seconds with the wind blowing all the sand in my eyes. I don't understand how the Koreans put up with it, or even allow their children to breathe it.
An urban farm in 두류공원 Duryu Park.
A look out to 대구타워 Daegu Tower from atop a hill in 두류공원 Duryu Park.
Looking out over southern Daegu.
A memorial in 두류공원 Duryu Park.
A nice fountain in 두류공원 Duryu Park with 대구타워 Daegu Tower in 대구 Daegu, Korea.
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