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남마산 NamMasan


This is a lazy weekend for me. My netbook is still with Dell in Seoul and I am getting a little burned-out with traveling every weekend over the past several months. But I hate being trapped within my apartment on a beautiful day. So I decided to wander around 남마산 Nam-Masan (South Masan).
A small elementary school. I don't fully understand the need for the fence and gate, but I guess that's just my American upbringing.
Looking over 가포동 Gapo-dong (the southernmost neighborhood of Masan proper) and 마산만 Masan Bay. You may be able to see 마창대교 Machang Daegyo (Machang Big Bridge, MaChang being the contraction of 마산 Masan and 창원 Changwon), the suspension bridge connecting south Masan with the city of Changwon across the bay.
A typical Korean street. The particular street provies a nice view over 남마산 Nam-Masan and 마산만 Masan Bay.
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