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거제 Geoje

고현 Gohyeon

거재도 Geoje-do ('-do' being 'island', but just "Geoje" to us nonKoreans) is an island on the south coast of Korea, directly south of 마산 Masan. The island is connected to 통영 Tongyeong to the west by 거제대교 Geoje Big Bridge and 신거제대교 New Geoje Big Bridge.
As with the rest of the Korean peninsula, Geoje has many mountains for hiking. More importantly, Geoje is famous amongst Koreans for it's coastline. Today, though, I have come to explore the city, an area known as 고현 Gohyeon. It's located on an inlet of the northern coast. As like many Korean cities, it was a nice little place to wander around and see the water.
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28 Mar 2010