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단양 Danyang

고수둥굴 Gosu Caves

Upon waking, my first goal of today, after getting a little breakfast, is to wander across 고수대교 Gosudaegyo (Gosu Big Bridge) into the mountains of 단양 Danyang. Not too far along the road up towards 고수리 Gosu Village, I come to the tourist attraction of the Danyang Caves (or 고수둥굴 Gosu Dunggul, Gosu Caves, interestingly enough).
The 고수둥굴 Gosu Caves are a big tourist attraction and offers a short walk through. The path does get a little tight in a few places, so go when there aren't too many people so you can go slowly and avoid some of that claustrophobia. There are a few spots offering a cheap photo opportunity. Oddly, older Koreans don't smile for pictures. I guess the instant photograph has only recently been introduced to Korea...
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