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양산 Yangsan

Blog Entry 1

Today I have come to 양산 Yangsan, a suburb of 부산 Busan. The city center is nice and clean and features a metro link into Busan. I started my afternoon wandering around the shopping district. As with other Korean cities, there are a few Western-style restaurants (Mr. Pizza, Lotteria, McDonald's, Baskin Robbins), various Korean restaurants, and plenty of PC방 (PC Room) to attract lots of children.
Around the shopping district are numerous apartment complexes. They're similar to those in America, offering plenty of parking for their residents and green space, security posts, and a fence to make people feel better about living in a crowded city. There are also numerous playgrounds for the free-roaming children.
Yangsan also features a river-side walkway/bikepath, as with almost all other Korean cities. I personally enjoy spending the late afternoon walking along the river. South of the city center along the river is 양산타워 Yangsan Tower. Like other city-named towers in East Asia, it's a tourist trap featuring little more than an elevator and look-out platform.
So I had a nice afternoon exploring 양산시내 Yangsan city center. Yangsan is a nice city and I am sad that I lost my pictures...
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