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上海 Shanghai


My day started in Nanjing waiting for a train to Shanghai. It came an hour late. The train was crowded and someone was in my seat. All you have to do is show them your ticket and point to the number above them. I was sitting across from a nonChinese married couple and their baby boy. I'm assuming they're migrant workers from China's western provinces. There are plenty of interesting characters on a cross-country train, myself included.
南京站 Nanjing Railway Station in the morning.
上海 Shanghai Skyline.
I wandered around the streets of Shanghai, starting with 上海人民广场 Shanghai People's Square. The subways station there is quite crowded during the busy rush hours. (I was surprised to discover a nearly complete lack of English on a subway for such an international city, especially as they prepare for the 2010 World Expo in a few months.)
I wandered through the old part of the city leading down to 黄浦江 Huangpu River (Yellow Bank River). Sadly, I couldn't get across onto the bank as they were constructing the site for the 2010 World Expo. But I followed the river north hoping to eventually find a bridge over to Pudong. Instead I got dinner at KFC and took a bus back to 西南京路 West Nanjing Road, the shopping district.
西南京路 West Nanjing Street at night.
西南京路 West Nanjing Street at night.
西南京路 West Nanjing Street at night.
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