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南京 Nanjing


To start my journey this morning, I hopped on a bus to Nanjing West Railway Station. I headed first to 阅江楼景区 Yuejianglou Scenic Spot (Yuejiang Tower Scenic Spot) near the Yangtze River.
Part of the ancient city walls of 南京 Nanjing built in the 17th century.
阅江楼 (Yuejianglou) Yeujiang Tower at the top of the hill.
Looking west from 阅江楼 Yuejiang Tower over the ancient city walls of 南京 Nanjing and a palace towards the industrial part of the city.
I spent the midday wandering back to the shopping district following the side streets. I observed one woman defeathering a chicken over a street drain. Many shops had chickens hanging outside for sale.
I stopped in a KFC for lunch. I ordered just a chicken breast and a cola (as the Koreans call it). Wanting a little help to tear the meat off the bones (and to not get too much grease on my Western hands), I asked the young man behind the counter for a fork (pointing in my travel book). He was confused and went to ask a coworker and she clearly explained (by holding up her hands to him) that I did not want get my hands dirty. So then he offers me two disposable gloves... I declined and went to eat with my hands.
The entrance to the Presidential Palace of the Republic of China.
The skyline of 南京 Nanjing from within the Presidential Palace.
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