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원주 Wonju


Monday, 1 March, is 3.1절 (삼일절 Sam-il-jeol) or Independence Day and a day off work. I take advantage of this long weekend by taking a trip up to northern South Korea, specifically the city of 원주 Wonju in 강원도 Gangwon Province.
The intercity bus station (or 시외버스터미널 "Sioe Bus Terminal" in Korean) is in a new part of the city. Unlike the other areas of Korean cities, these new areas feature clean streets intersecting at right angles and plenty of Western businesses, PC rooms (aka PC방, PC bang), and cheap love motels (with Konglish names like "Pox" or "Ballentine").
A short walk after lunch took me to Wonju's basketball stadium and nearby art museum. There were numerous families visiting the museum this day, trying to form a rare happy memory of togetherness with their kids.
Just south of the art museum is a little mountain park. I enjoyed the break from the city through the quiet forested area.
I then headed east towards the river. There I found the central shopping district.
After the night settled in, I spent my time wandering back across town to my hotel near the bus terminal. I thought this was a nice, quiet day.
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