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제주 Jeju

Hiking in the Snow

The island of 제주도 Jeju (Koreans don't recognise that name, prefering to call the island "Jejudo") was created by the volcano 한라산 Hallasan, the tallest mountain in Korea. Today I brave the cold and snow to go hiking up the mountain. Foolishly, I didn't take my hiking boots and had instead my running shoes, with their flat souls. In the snow, the shoes made my hike very difficult as my feet would slip on every other step.
As I did not start my hike early in the morning, the furthest I could go was a rest stop in a field halfway up from the parking lot. As I sat inside with fa bowl of warm noodles, it began to snow. It was very clear that my flat-souled running shoes would make the hike down dangerous. Thankfully a group of Korean hikers were nice enough to give me a set of spikes to put on my shoes to give me the traction needed to get down safely.
A little snowman along the hiking trail with an orange peel on his head. I called him Mr. Orange.
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