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서귀포 Seogwipo

On the East China Sea

It's 설날 Seonnal, the Lunar New Year (uh, in the US it's "Chinese New Year"), which means three days off work (except two of those happen to be over the weekend, so I only get Monday off). To celebrate, I booked a flight to 제주도 Jejudo (or just "Jeju" to us non-Koreans). Thankfully, I booked months in advance as the flights were full.
Once in Jeju, I got a rental car and drove to the southern side of the island, to the city of 서귀포 Seogwipo. In Masan, there had been no snow all winter and so I was surprised to see snow in Jeju, though it was actually only on the northern half of the island, north of 한라산 Hallasan, the central mountain of Jeju.
I actually had a difficult time finding my hotel in Seogwipo. Expedia gave me the wrong address and Google also put the hotel name in the wrong place. I wandered the city center looking for it, but finally just hired a taxi to get me there in the end. Perhaps booking a hotel online on my own in Korea was not the smartest move...
A bridge on the East China Sea shaped like a sail.
On the touristic bridge on the East China Sea shaped like a sail.
Watching the sun set over the East China Sea.
A bridge shaped as a sail from the little island in the harbor of 서귀포 Seogwipo.
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