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Teaching Numbers


One of my classes today wanted to play Bingo after the lesson. So, I agree and write on the board in big letters "B I N G O" and write under each letter the columns' proper number range (B 1-15, I 16-30, N 31-45, G 46-60, O 61-75). And then I put a simple 5×5 play card on the board with an X in the center square.
The kids however, had 4×4 play cards and filled it with numbers 1-16... They then took turns calling a number. Whenever a kid got four in a row, they would call "one Bingo", "two Bingo", depending on the number of rows they had gotten. Apparently the winner was the first to get "six Bingo"...
Okay, so the class wanting to play "Korean Bingo" didn't care much for proper Bingo, but I see now that it is a great way to try to teach numbers, especially for kids who confuse 12/20, 13/30, 14/40, and so forth.
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