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Korean Info-Share


I read before coming to Korea that Koreans have a bad habit of not telling you anything until you need to know. Well, I can certainly attest to that this past week...
Last Monday, I notice my director folding letters to give a few students. I take a look at the Korean leaflet and the only information I can really take from it is two times. So I quickly determine that he must be moving the class back an hour. I ask him about it, but he just says he'll talk to me about it later (it was time to start the next class). However, he didn't really tell me about the move until Tuesday evening. Come Friday as I prepare to leave for the weekend, he stops me to tell me about the class changes to take effect Monday, almost as though he had never told me before.
One class change involved moving the two most advanced girls into a class a few months behind them. I just assumed I would have to just have the girls review everything they've learned these past 6 months. Okay, so my first class with them is today and it's last night when I'm leaving that I'm told they're getting a new book. So, sadly, I wasn't quite as prepared as I should've been to teach this class this new book...
I'm the only employee at the school. In the West, that would entitle me to play a part in my director's decision-making process. No, he makes the decisions, tells the students, tells the parents, and then tell me...
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