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Seoul at Night

I've Returned

I have returned to Seoul to see the last few tourist spots I missed last year. Also, the Heroes baseball team is now owned by NEXEN Tires (넥센 타이어) so I was hoping to get a baseball with their new logo. Sadly, though, they did not have any baseballs, as they didn't last last year.
My netbook's hard drive crashed a few days ago. It was actually a lucky coincidence that I was coming to Seoul this weekend as Dell has a service center in Seoul. I was crushed to learn they couldn't do anything to save any of the data on the old hard drive. I had pictures from the last six months! I also lost pictures from Disney World last February (2009)...
Seoul City Hall (서울 시청) at night.
대한문 Daehanmun, the entrance to 덕수궁 Deoksugung, across from Seoul City Hall.
Silly me didn't reserve a hotel room before my arrival in Seoul.But I found a nice little place downtown for the night.
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