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해금강 Haegeumgang

Sea Gold Rock

Today is a beautiful day in 한국 Korea ("Hanguk"), a great day to explore the exquisite coast of 거제도 Geoje-do (or just Geoje to us nonKoreans). A popular attraction is 해금강 Haegeumgang (Sea Gold Rock). It's at the end of a little peninsula in southern Geoje. Some southern cities (primarily 통영 Tongyeong) offer buses that will take you here.
After taking a view of the rocky coast, I headed down the road back to the main highway. There is a nice outlook, though it can get crowded. There is also a trail leading to a windmill on the windy north coast of the peninsula. I continued onto the highway and followed it north to the next town. The coast of 거제도 Geoje Island is truly beautiful.
Soon I arrived in 학동리 Hakdong-ri. It's a touristy coastal town with a coastal boardwalk and a beach. I enjoyed my rest until I hopped on a city bus. I knew it wouldn't lead me to Geoje's city centre (고현동 Gohyeon-dong), but it was one of a few buses passing through the town and any destination would be better than to go nowhere.
The bus took me up to 옥포 Okpo, an urban area on the east coast. I enjoyed dinner at 롯데리아 Lotteria, the Korean's McDonald's copycat. I've become addicted to their 불갈비버거 Bulgalbi Burger (though the Koreans often misinterpret my pronunciation). But after dinner I was able to catch a bus back to Geoje's city centre and then another back to my home of Masan.
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