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광주 Gwangju

중앙 Jungang

First, it's difficult to get from 마산 Masan to 광주 Gwangju. The train would take all day and there are no intercity "sioe" buses (시외버스) that you would take from your ordinary 시외버스터미널 intercity bus terminal. Instead, I had to go to the express bus terminal.
In Gwangju, their 광주종합버스터미널 Jonghap Bus Terminal is a large bus hub. Last time I stayed to the west in the office district around the city hall. Today, though, I headed east to 중앙동 Jungang-dong near 광주역 Gwangju Railway Station.
Like many old Korean city centers, the area is a bit run-down. But a little further east is the central shopping district around 금남로 Geumnam-ro and 중앙로 Jungang-ro. If you come on the first or third Saturday of every month, you'll find the area crowded with kids after school.
Just south of 중앙동 Jungang-dong is the river. As with the rest of Korea, the river is lined with a nice walking/bicycle path. I still think a stroll along the river is a nice way to spend a quiet evening.
The main attraction today, however, is the 무등야구장 Mudeung Baseball Stadium featuring the local 기아타이거즈 KIA Tigers against my favorite 롯데자이언츠 Lotte Giants. Also, when I came last September, I had arrived too late to collect the team's baseball. Well, I finally got my hands on one today, though it was a very disappointing design with simply the word "KIA"...
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