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목포 Mokpo

Heading Out

There's only one direct train between Mokpo and Masan, and it leaves early in the morning. But, I had a little extra time to wander the quiet streets in the city center.
A standard Korean pedestrian-only street in the central shopping district.
A vine-covered church in the city center.
Worried I wouldn't get up in time for the slow, but direct, train to Masan, I instead bought tickets on the later high-speed train to Gwangju, where I would transfer onto the slow train from Mokpo. Well, that turned out to be pointless as I was at the station in time for the slow train. But, as I waited in the waiting area and everyone else went off to catch the slow train, a man tapped me on my shoulder and said "Masan". Now, how did he know that? I'm assuming we both were on the same train yesterday and he saw me get on at Masan. Kinda creepy he remembered that, but I suppose kinda nice that he was trying to help.
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