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목포 Mokpo

On a River

I had hoped to come to Mokpo to see the Yellow Sea. Silly me, though, did not do any real research before coming. If I had, I would have discovered that Mokpo is separated from the Yellow Sea (West Sea as it's known to Koreans) by numerous islands. I had a nice stay, nonetheless.
Looking over central 목포 Mokpo from 유달산공원 Yudalsan Park. The park features a sculpture garden, if you're into that, but not me.
A Buddist Temple on 유달산 Yudalsan (San being Korean for Mountain) with a large tree growing directly in front of its entrance.
A nice stroll along the mouth of the 영산강 Yeongsan River.
The sunset over the construction of a new large bridge across the Yeongsan River delta.
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