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Birthday Dinner

Cutlet Meal

For dinner tonight, I decided to try something a little different, well, from what I usually eat. I stopped by a "Japanese" restaurant and ordered a 피자까스 pija-ggaseu (Pizza Cutlet). I've gotten used to eating Korean food. You start with some uber spicy kimchi or a radish. Well, I don't like radishes and don't care for cabbage, but I did suck some of the spicy sauce off a piece of kimchi. Then you enjoy your cutlet, dipping it in this brown sauce. I don't know what they call the sauce, but I prefer a little with my rice. Then there's a stack of cabbage with this other sauce I don't like. I don't care for cabbage, but I suppose I should eat more. This dish also had a tiny bit of pasta with a little white sauce. That was nice. And then you have your bowl of rice to enjoy with everything. I've discovered that rice actually does taste good after you've eaten some real food.
Koreans, though, don't seem to drink with their meals. They did serve me a small cup of water when I sat down, but Koreans don't seem to drink much. I also had to ask specifically for a Coke (annoyingly not called "coke" but instead 콜라 colla Cola) which was also served in a small cup.
Koreans also don't use napkins. There is a small stack of small napkins on each table. I've observed that Koreans only use one at the end of the meal and only if needed.
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