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My Birthday in Korea


A birthday teaching in Korea is something special. I wasn't expecting anything except a few "happy birthday"s from a couple of my favorite students who might actually have bothered to remember.
Well, my director told all the students yesterday, or at least the ones most likely to care. A couple students said "happy birthday" yesterday and a few more did today.
The best part, though, was being locked out of the classroom as some students, all girls, prepared the room to celebrate my birthday. The turned the lights off and lit some candles on a few chocolate chip muffins. They also had balloons and wrote "Happy Birthday" on the board. I got color pens and a new notebook, and some hand-made cards from some girls.
One class really decorated the board and wrote messages on the balloons. "Happy Birthday!! Sorry. Candy" Don't know why she added "Sorry". "I promise I'll study harder. Jeremy"
Teaching can be hard and stressful. But I really do like many of my students and I'll remember their smiling faces forever. It's times like this that really makes you happy to be here.
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