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울산 Ulsan

Day's Slideshow

대왕암 Daewangam

Today was a beautiful summer's day, a great day to go to the beach. And so I got up early to go to 방어진 Bangeojin on the eastern coast in 울산 Ulsan.
From Masan, I had to change buses in northern Busan. The driver of the first bus took my ticket and didn't return the stub. So I didn't have a ticket to give the second driver... Thankfully another guy was traveling to the same destination and could explain the situation to the driver. The driver, confused, had no choice but to go hunt-down the other driver.
Looking over Bangeo-dong
My first destination in Ulsan is 대왕암공원 Daewangam Park on the coast. Along the road leading to the park are a few batting cages (야구장 Yagujang) and carnival-style game booths.
The cliffs of 대왕암공원 Daewangam Park looking out to the port of Ulsan.
Looking over to 일산 해수욕장 Ilsan Beach.
Looking out to the Eastern Sea (Sea of Japan).
A couple pine trees taking root in the rocks off 대왕암 Daewangam.
Rocks overlooking the sea.
A rainbow sailboat enjoying the calm water and sunny skies.
A light house in the pin forest of 대왕암 Daewangam.
An over-truss bridge leading from the pine forest of 대왕암 Daewangam to 용굴 Yonggul.
문무왕은 King Munmu, the 30th King of 신라 Silla, unified the Korean peninsula in AD 668. After his death, he was buried under a rock in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) off the coast of 경주 Gyeongju so that he would be transformed into a dragon to protect the Silla Kingdom. People named the rock 대왕암 Dae-wang Am, meaning "Big King Rock" (or, more loosely, "Rock of the Great King").
The Queen's spirit too became a guardian dragon and submerged herself here, and so people also call this rock 대와암 Dae-wang Am. It is said that seaweed does not grow around this rock because of this dragon spirit.
After walking around Daewangam, I headed over to 일산 해수욕장 Ilsan Beach. To my disappointment, it's a really small beach and not very nice, in my opinion. Oh well, off I go to lunch and to Ulsan city centre.

울산시내 Downtown Ulsan

A clean river-side park in the city. Almost every city in Korea has one. They feature a long walking/biking trail along both banks and the occasional car park.
A watchful heron on the river.
Lines of green summer trees in 울산대공원 Ulsan Dae Gongwon (Ulsan Big Park).
Fountain of Youth, Life, and Knowledge
Fountain of Youth, Life, and Knowledge
Korea, Summer
The beautiful lake in 울산대공원 Ulsan Big Park.
The beautiful lake in 울산대공원 Ulsan Big Park.
A windmill at the lake in 울산대공원 Ulsan Big Park.
Families enjoying the summer afternoon in 울산대공원 Ulsan Big Park.
A large Ferris wheel in downtown Ulsan.
Lotte Cinema (롯데 시네마)
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