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창원 Changwon

용지지 Yongji Lake

Today was a cloudy, drizzly day. But, again primarily just to get myself outta Masan, I take a bus to neighboring 창원 Changwon. It's a well-planned, clean city. I have come specifically to see 용지지 Yongji Lake, a man-made lake in the city center.
I actually got off the bus a little earlier than I had wanted. I'm pretty good at figuring my way around a new place. When I went to Detroit with my Grandfather (2006? so long ago), he was impressed how quickly I was learning my way around the tangle of Detroit's downtown streets. So it was easy for me to find the direction to head to the park.
The trees in 창원 Changwon have turned beautiful hues of yellow and red.
용지지 Yongji Lake itself is small with a small park around it. It's urban setting is pleasant with shopping to the south and housing and a school to the north. It's also a short walk from Changwon's central (large) round-about.
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