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함안 Haman

가야 고분군 Gaya Mounds

I was told there was nothing to see in Haman. A little search online, though, showed me a couple sites to visit. Along the bus route between 함안 Haman and 마산 Masan is 입곡군립공원 Ipgokgullip Park, though I didn't get to it today.
Of more interest, in the county center by the county offices (군청), is 도항말산리 고분군 Malsan-ri Passage Mounds. These are a group of royal burial mounds from one of the small kindoms in the 가야 Gaya Confederaion. It provides a nice view over the small town and the farmlands out to the ever-present mountains.
As this is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I had made myself a ham and turkey sandwich and brought it with me. This was the first time in months I got to sit outside enjoying a simple ham and turkey sandwich. It made me miss England. It can be the little things you enjoy the most.
On that note, if I may digress, I've observed that the only differences between cultures are minor differences. But it is in those little differences that one must extract happiness...
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