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In Korea

Today is Thanksgiving back home in America. I, though, have to work here in Korea. To celebrate, I made myself a special-esque Thanksgiving lunch with mashed potatoes and a can of sweet corn. Just last week my director found the website the last teacher here was using to import turkey. I was surprised how fast they got it here (ordered on Friday, shipped Monday, at my building Tuesday). I didn't want to buy a full frozen turkey, so I got just a couple boxes of deli turkey instead. I also had them send some deli cooked ham, though it really should've been honey ham. Add some garlic bread from a small bakery and my lunch was almost complete. The only missing item (in my eyes) was some cottage cheese. I couldn't find any at Lotte Mart and doesn't sell any.
Despite celebrating alone and having to push through work today and tomorrow, this Thanksgiving wasn't so bad. You just have to put in the effort to make the day special for yourself.
Next comes buying Christmas cards for my family and a Christmas gift or two for my brother, Alex. It takes a few weeks for small packages to get across the Pacific, so I'll have to do my shopping on Black Friday and ship early next week. "exciting…"
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