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부여 Buyeo

백제의 서울

It's a cold morning in Korea, but I need to continue my quest to learn more about the ancient 백제 Baekje Kingdom. My destination this morning is 부여군 Buyeo County, capital of 백제 Baekje from AD 538 until the Kindom's fall in AD 660.
Buyeo is a small town located near, but not directly on, a river. Immediately north of the county center along the river is 부소산성 Busosanseong (Busosan Fortress), an ancient fortress that housed the government of 백제 Baekje before its fall to neighboring 신라 Silla.
Immediately to the south of the county center is 궁남지 Gungnamji, a lake that was part of the palace grounds for the king and queen of 백제 Baekje. In the center of the lake is a pavillion with a bridge allowing easy access.
On a sign at the lake is an ancient love story about a prince of 백제 Baekje falling in love with a princess of neighboring 신라 Silla. The princess's family was upset that she would fall in love with a prince from their rival nation. But the woman was able to run away to 백제 Baekje and the original pavillion was built on the lake for the lovers.
After seeing all of the small 부여 Buyeo center, I took an intercity bus to 서대전 Seodaejeon (West Daejeon). Hoping to eventually find my way back to 마산 Masan (no coaches were available from the 서부버스터미널 Seobu Bus Terminal, 서 Seo meaning West), I then grabbed a city bus to 대전역 Daejeon Railway Station. I wandered around the busy shopping district before catching a train home to 마산 Masan.
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