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공주 Gongju

History Lesson

공주 Gongju was the capital of 백제 Baekje from AD 475 following 고구려 Goguryeo's conquest of present-day 서울 Seoul until AD 538 when the capital was moved to nearby present-day 부여군 Buyeo County.
After getting to my hotel, the first order of business was to get to 공주성 Gongjuseong (Gongju Fortress) on the south side of the river.
A rebuilt structure representing the architecture of one of the gates of 공주성 Gongjuseong (Gongju Fortress)
Looking north from 공주성 Gongjuseong (Gongju Fortress) across the river to the newer part of the city.
After walking around the fortress, I went to the royal tombs from the Baekje Kingdom (백주왕릉 Baekju Wangneum). Like all other ancient tombs across Korea, these were mounds dug into the ground and then covered with dirt and grass. A museum (interestingly, also partially buried) allows guests to crawl (litterally) into reconstructions of the royal tombs of 무령왕 King Muryeong and his wife.
I spent my evening wandering the streets in Gongju's shopping district in 웅진동 Ungjin-dong. Today was a nice day.
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