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쌍계사 Ssanggyesa

Autumn Hike

I arrived at 쌍계사 Ssanggyesa in 지리산 국립공원 Jirisan National Park later than I would have liked, but it took all morning to get here from Masan...
All the trees around 쌍계사 Ssanggyesa are beautiful colors.
Leading up into 쌍계사 Ssanggyesa are three gates, 일주문 Iljumun, 금강문 Geumgangmun, and 천왕문 Cheonwangmun.
Some of the colorful painting on 천왕문 Cheonwangmun.
After seeing Ssanggyesa, I went hiking out to 불일폭포 Bulilpokpo (Bulil Waterfall). It was too late in the day to get to the standard destination at the peak of 삼신봉 Samsinbong (Samsin Peak), but a short hike was nice enough.
A beautiful autumn scene.
On my walk back down to the main road, a couple girls were taking take same path. They asked me "Where are you from?" in the standard Korean-English speach-pattern (slow, but precise). I replied "나는 한국인" ("Naneun Hangukin", "I Korean"). The girls laughed.
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