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Jump! to Busan

Day's Slideshow

Gwangalli Beach

Yes, I have returned yet again to Busan. Today, though, I wander out onto Gwangalli Beach before meeting a friend in Haeundae Beach.
A panorama of Gwanganli Beach with the Grand Gwangan Bridge across the bay.
Looking to the area east of Gwangalli Beach.
Happy Koreans on Gwangalli Beach.

To See the Show

So the real purpose for today's trip was to see the show Jump with Hae Yeon. It was a good physical comedy with very few spoken lines, but thankfully for me they were actually in English. It's a simple love story set around a family that loves to practice martial arts together.
We were sitting in the front row as they were actually a bit cheaper. Halfway through the show, one of the characters comes off stage into the audience and looks around. Well, no surprise he looks at the only non-Korean there (me!) and says "Hello". He has me stand up in the aisle and "defend" myself from his fan strike. He then brings me up onto the stage as a challenge to another character. So after a great kick and a tumble, a third character comes to make sure we both aren't carrying any weapons. The actors knew enough English to whisper for me to not move as they discover that I'm carrying a hammer, and several other miscellaneous weapons, and a sword! So all the characters run to the far end of the stage and I see a stage hand behind them telling me to get the sword, which the characters then ask me to put down. So they declare me the Grand Master and give me a free booklet and handshakes as I return to my seat.
After the show, all the actors were signing autographs in the lobby. I had them sign my book and said "thank you" to each. I don't think any really knew much English. However, the actor I was actually standing opposite during the "martial arts showdown" said "Oh, it's the Grand Master!" as I approached for his autograph.
That was a fun show.
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