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Korea vs America

Blog Entry 1

In a couple of my English classes today, the book was talking about the average American's television habits. The kids were quite amazed when I said that I watch about four or five hours of television each day. Poor kids here can only watch at most two hours a day... But they also waste their time outside and with computer games.
One kid soon mentioned that America is free, a typical line from America, but that Korea is not. I responded by saying that Korea is free too. Afterall, Korea is pretty Westernized and has many, though not all, the freedoms we have in America. But the kid said that his mom yells at him all the time. Well, as I told him, parents everywhere yell at their kids.
However, it does seem that perhaps Koreans yell more than in America. The English also liked to yell at their kids. But this perception of mine would probably be based primarily in the different socio-economic classes I observed between America and England (middle to upper-middle in US, lower-middle in England). However, it has become quite clear that some parents do beat their children in Korea and there is little recourse in society, though it is, technically, illegal.
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