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A Necessary Skill

An annoying part of taking a position teaching English in Korea is wasting your precious prep time going through the last teacher's files, books, office, everything and trying to reorganize it all so you can use it all properly and easily. Like at this new school, I decided to put my books in a simple order rather than what appeared to be random order. The previous teacher also took notes on each class, something I have not started, yet. I haven't really had the time/interest to look through all of that. I've already discovered the need to keep notes of what I have assigned for homework.
One thing that annoys me is how the former teacher would denote each class. The school provided me with a schedule with all the students' names and phone numbers (for required phone teaching). Well, the teacher would denote each class using the name of the student at the top of each list. I decided to instead use the days and times when I would have each class.
But as I continue teaching, I'll discover how to reorganize this little bit or that. I am developing my own little system for those little necessities. Before I know it, my year at the school will be over and the next poor foreigner will be lost trying to do this all for themselves :)
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28 May 2009