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Settling into Masan

Day's Slideshow

Help Received

My director and his wife had offered to help show me around Masan today. It was not exactly what I was expecting, but they did bring me a clothes basket and drying rack. My "closest" was also delivered soon thereafter. Thankfully, we did go get me a new phone with 1.3 Megapixels, mobile web, standard Korean-English and English-Korean dictionaries, standard subways maps for all of Korea, and an MP3 player that cannot play MP3s...
They pointed out a doctor's office with an English-speaking doctor and the foreigner bar (probably will never go there). We stopped by a book store with a small selection of English books and then had lunch at McDonald's. I was busy trying to play with my new phone.
After lunch we went back to the phone store to get a 2GB MicroSD Card for my phone. When we were there earlier I tried to ask what the largest size card it would accept, but it must have gotten lost in translation as I later discovered online that it will take my 4GB MicroSD Card. Well, the 4GB card is for my camera. And the phone requires removing the battery to get access to the MicroSD card; can you say stupid? At least the 2GB card was only 15,000 Won.
I loaded a few MP3s onto the MicroSD, but, as mentioned above, the damned phone won't play them. The manual that came with the phone is only in Korean (stupid as they know there are so many foreigners in the country) and everything online about the phone is also only in Korean. I need to see if I can find a store clerk who speaks English...

Looking Around

My first attempt at a 360° panorama in front of Masan's Ferry Terminal.
It takes a while to load, and the images don't line up as smoothly as desired, but it's cool nonetheless.
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