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Interview in Masan

Blog Entry 1

My recruiter has arranged for an interview today for a new, and hopefully better, job in Masan. It's at a small hagwon (private school) that teaches only elementary and a few middle schoolers. We're both hoping that this will be better for me.
The interview went rather well. The director's wife teaches math at their school and they liked that I love math. They were also impressed with my computer skills. In the end, they liked me. They said I have a "kind" face. Hey, from what I've read and have now experienced some, you need to look at least half-way decent so they can say "look at this great native speaker we have!"
I won't go into much detail about the specifics of the contract. Suffice-it-to-say that it is pretty standard and I cannot expect more from such a small, mom-and-pop school. I was surprised, though, by the low number of vacation days offered, but my recruiter and the couple-owners quickly offered a couple extra days.
It should be no surprise that I accepted the position and signed the contract. I was hoping to delay starting the job until Monday, to allow me time to move my stuff myself from Gimhae, but my recruiter offered to transport it all in the morning, so I could not refuse.
Finally, I did have to teach my three elementary classes in Gimhae today. It was nice that this gave me the opportunity to say 'goodbye' to the children. It was a nice four weeks and I did enjoy talking with the kids.
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