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The End

Needing to Change Jobs

So yesterday I learned the truth: I am shit with preschoolers. This meant that today was my last day teaching English at the school. I feel soo bad about this. I thought I would learn to deal with the children and they would learn to listen better. I was mistaken. The elementary kids are fine, but the "kindergarteners" just never sat still for me, they were never quiet for me, and I just could not handle it. I would see them be perfectly quiet for the Korean teachers and I expected them to learn to do that for me. But now I think that perhaps they never would respect me as much as the Korean teachers simply because I am a foreigner.
Let this be a warning to anyone thinking of coming to Korea: be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you CAN work with a group of preschoolers BEFORE you agree to a contract that may require it!
Thankfully, though, my recruiter was nice enough to quickly arrange for me to begin work soon at a school in near-by Masan. If I like what I see in my visit to the school tomorrow, and they like what they receive, I will start work immediately (though I'll ask for a couple days to move and relax) and they will be sending me to Japan to get my new visa after I get a couple important university documents from the States.
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