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Hitting the Wall

Day's Slideshow

Out of Place at Work

Well, I am getting used to teaching English to all these Korean kids, and am starting to remember most of their names. However, a couple of my classes have turned rebellious this week. I think maybe I have been overreacting, but I know they're talking too much, at least for my liking. And of course my overreaction just gets them to laugh and continue their talking. A couple times my head teacher has come in (when they've been really loud) and they are perfectly quiet for her! I feel like she's undermining my attempts to gain authority, but at least it gets them quiet for a few seconds. I suppose the best I can do for next week is to try other ways to get them to listen to me and hope that I stumble upon something that'll work.
Along with this, I feel like I'm struggling with my coworkers, too. I know it's partly the Korean prerogative to not tell anyone anything until they absolutely need to know about it. I also realise that being a foreigner has me separated from the Korean teachers, and that I am new. But I hate that they tell me everything so late. For Child's Day, my head teacher finally told me the night before, after 10pm, that we would have the day off.
Tonight, the teachers will be going out. Blake (the only other male teacher, from Canada) suddenly remembered to tell me yesterday on Facebook. My head teacher finally came to tell me and our new teacher, Hae Yeon (from the Phillipines), tonight like an hour before we would be leaving.

Finally to Socialise with Coworkers

Construction on this new office building in 내동 (Nae-dong) is progressing well.
I was told this was simply "sprouts", but I was also told to not ask what anything is but to simply eat it... to which I always reply "Yes, I will eat it, but I still want to know what it is!" Also, being Asian, it is spicy.
Some real 불노니 (bulgogi) beef on our electric grill. It's pretty good and goes well with the sprouts.
Left to Right: Lisa, a Korean teacher at the school; a bus driver for the school; Blake from Canada; and myself. The low table is covered with good, and not so good, Korean foods.
Overall, this was a nice night. I enjoyed getting a little taste of Korean food. I was disappointed, though not surprised, that all the Koreans talked together, leaving Blake and I to stare at each other. Also of no surprise is that the driver, Blake, and myself were the only men.
Near the end of the night, they had brought out a little cake for our new director and everyone sang and clapped. Well, everyone is clapping so I had to too, yes? But a couple Korean teachers acted surprised. Right after that, the assistant director came over to me and asked me if I wanted any cake. Unsure why I was being singled out for the honor, I declined. Guess it'll just take a little while to get adjusted into the group.
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