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Buddah's Birthday

Gallery 1

Today is a special Korean Holiday: Buddah's Birthday. To celebrate, I thought I would go see how the Koreans celebrate.
Looking out to 서김해 (Western Gimhae) from a Buddist Temple on the side of a mountain. The temple was nice enough to hang lanterns along the steep roadway for this special day and there are plenty of Koreans willing to make the steep climb.
Inside the temple grounds. Lots of lanterns hanging for this day with many Koreans' writen messages attached.
Looking down upon the temple's entrance with all the laterns lining the paths.
Another temple south of the city centre. I liked walking through the field of hanging lanterns.
Somewhere in there is the rooftop playground of my hagwon (학원, private English language school for the Korean kids).
A gazebo atop the mountain that lies directly south of Gimhae's new city centre of 내의동 (Naeoe-dong).
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