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Atlanta's Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park

Great News! I have accepted a job teaching English in South Korea! But first I need to get a visa. In order to get a visa to be an English Teacher, one must pass an interview at the local South Korean consulate. The interview was instituted to prevent pedophiles from getting a visa to work with children, but it's actually nothing more than a mere formality. And though there should be a short waiting period, I was told to come back later today to pick up my visa...
To celebrate my drive down to Atlanta to visit the South Korean consulate, I have brought down my Mom and my little brother Alex. After my interview while we wait to pick up my visa, we walk over to the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta.
Southern US
Coke's new World of Coca-Cola, their new museum at Centennial Olympic Park.
The Georgia Aquarium at Centennial Olympic Park.
Mom and Alex posing in front of the Peachtree Tower from Centennial Olympic Park. Alex wasn't enjoying the rain :(
Southern US
The central plaza in Centennial Olympic Park.
Peachtree Tower from Centennial Olympic Park. We were told later that a tornado had ripped windows off the tower, causing those black blemishes you can see.
International flags flying in Centennial Olympic Park with Peachtree Tower in the background.
PS, how do you get all the flags opened in one picture? Take numerous pictures and paint the flags in place :D
The South Korean and US flags flying together in Centennial Olympic Park.
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