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I decided the best way to spend today would be a day on the water, taking a ferry to nearby Geoje Island. However, when I arrive at the "Ferry Terminal", I discover there's no longer a ferry to Geoje. Instead, my only option is over to 돝섬 Dotseom, a small island in 마산만 Masan Bay (Masan-man).
A beautiful view of 남마산 Nam Masan (nammasan, Southern Masan) from the ferry dock on Dotseom.
A suspension bridge on the start of the path circling the small island.
A couple beautiful sailboats in the bay before the 마창대교 MaChang Bridge connecting Masan and Changwon.
Masan's mascots. I think every Korean city has something like them.
A look at the bridge along the Dotseom coast. Behind is a carnival! I came in the late morning, so no one was here, for the most part. I would like to return to see the island's circus and the carnival at night.
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