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What Koreans Think


So my phone includes an "MP3 Player". However, when I loaded MP3's onto my SD Card, I discovered that my phone's MP3 Player does not in fact play MP3's! They cannot call it a bloody "MP3 Player" if it cannot play MP3's! Anyway, I finally asked my boss about it and he asked the guys at the phone company yesterday. Well, apparently all the phones in Korea only play music downloaded from the phone company.
Trying to be nice, my employer today set up my account on the company's website, though without telling me about it... I am getting so bloody annoyed with Korea. Do they think I'm capable of doing anything on my own? It feels like "No, this poor foreigner is too stupid to do anything in Korea," and yet the whole nation works so fucking hard to teach their children my language.
When I first arrived in April, I just told myself that it's the Korean way to not tell anyone anything until they absolutely need to know about it. Lately, though, it's been feeling like they don't think I can do anything while I'm busy trying to do things for myself. I'm just such an independent person. It feels weird, and belittling, to have them take it upon themselves to do things for me that I could do myself. Even if it may take me a little longer, I do enjoy the process of figuring everything out on my own.
But in the end, I suppose I just need to remind myself that the Koreans are used to stupid foreigners incapable, or unwilling, to do anything on their own or to learn any little bit of the Korean language.
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