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All Tokyo Has

Day's Slideshow


私は新宿を探る : I Explore Shinjuku
This is my first full day in Japan and the weather is beautiful. Today is the perfect day to go see the skyscrapers of 新宿 しんじゅく Shinjuku.
東京都庁舎 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tōkyō Tochōsha). This was the main objective for today as it has two free observation decks.
Looking West out from the North Tower of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
Looking East to the skyscrapers of 新宿 Shinjuku.
Looking up to the skyscrapers from the base of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Complex.
新宿 Shinjuku; 新 shin means "new", as it does in Korean (신 sin); 宿 shuku means lodging.
東京 Tokyo; 東 to means "east", the Korean is 동 dong; 京 kyo means "capital", the Korean is 경 gyeong.


私は日本政府を訪問 : I Visited the Japanese Government
The Prime Minister's Residence across the street from the National Diet Building. When I was here, the police stopped pedestrians from crossing in front of the front gate so three black cars could exit. The center car featured a closed curtain in the back window...
The back of the National Diet Building, house of the Japanese National Parliament.
The government was nice enough to give me a special tour of the building, including the chance to sit in the House of Councillors, the upper house. The guards were nice enough to ask if I spoke Japanese and warned that there were no English-speaking guides available at the time. Well, it was like the only time I'd be there, so I didn't mind. The group was quickly split into those who spoke Japanese and those who spoke English (me, a Chinese university student returning from the US, and an American couple of Japanese descent) and everyone sat in the gallery looking into the House of Councillors' Chamber. We then sat through a 30 minute audio presentation talking about the building and the government. The Chinese student at one point noted that it didn't feel like the Japanese Parliament because all the writing was in Chinese.
I personally think it's cool to visit these places that have changed the world and continue to do so.
The Front Exterior of the National Diet Building
A nice view of Tokyo, looking east from near the Imperial Palace.
桜田門 Sakuradamon Gate, the southern entrance to the Imperial Palace grounds.
A government building near the Palace.
The 皇居外苑 Kokyo Gaien, the Imperial Palace's Outer Garden, and the skyline of 千代田区 Chiyoda Ward in central Tokyo.
The first of the two bridges leading into the 皇居 Imperial Palace.
皇居正門 Sei Gate, the main gate into the Imperial Palace grounds. Sadly, this is as close to the Palace we could get...
The 二重橋 Nijubashi Bridge leading visitors to the right up to the Imperial Palace.

More Tourist Spots

東京都港区 : Minato Ward, Tokyo
The World Trade Center Building in Minato-ku, Tokyo. It features an observation deck, though they charge a few hundred yen to get in. I was surprised to discover groups of people just sitting up there relaxing and talking instead of looking out at the view. I guess if you're going to pay to get up there, you should enjoy it.
Looking east from the Tokyo World Trade Center Building to the Tokyo Bay.
Looking west from the Tokyo World Trade Center Building to the Tokyo Tower.
読売ジャイアンツ : Yomiuri Giants
The Tokyo Dome, home of the Yomiuri Giants.
Only once midway through the game did the cheerleaders come out at this game in the Tokyo Dome. Though the Japanese may actually enjoy the game, Koreans have more fun...
Inside the Tokyo Dome, home of the Yomiuri Giants.
原宿 : Harajuku
The tracks past the Harajuku railway station at night.
I was surprised by Harajuku. At night, there was nothing to see, nowhere to go... But, I promised myself that I would return during the day before I left.
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