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Korean Education

Why Am I Here?

I finally asked my director about the foreign teachers at Korean public schools. I learned in Gimhae that every public school has exactly one native English speaking teacher. I was told, though, that not every school may have one. Also, they have forty-minute classes but cannot see every child in their school every week...
So the natural next question was "Why don't they hire more foreign teachers?" Simply put, just like in the US and I'm sure everywhere else in the world, there's not enough money in the budget. Which is a shame, because I've observed that Koreans simply cannot learn English properly without being taught by foreign teachers.
Because I don't think Koreans can learn proper English from other Koreans, it makes sense then that the government would force the high price of hiring foreign teachers onto the private hagwons (학원, private afternoon schools).
However, I was told that the government does not want all the children going to hagwons because they're so expensive... So instead of forcing the hagwons to hire foreign teachers to teach proper English to the nation, we're here simply to make the hagwons more expensive.
Doesn't matter; hagwons aren't really here to teach children. They just want to keep the parents happy so they'll keep paying the bills. I suppose all businesses are like that, really.
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