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A nice little stream through a quiet residential neighborhood.
Beautiful flowers along this little stream.
Not as nice as the other, but typical for Korea.
진해실내 체육관 Jinhae Gymnasium and 진해시민회관 Jinhae Citizens Center.
진해역 Jinhae [Railway] Station


I am really annoyed with Koreans... Every where I go, there are children staring at me just to see the non-Korean face. They shout "helro" as I walk away but still expect me to turn and entertain them. They have to make sure all their friends see the American standing or sitting. I just fucking ignore them all and think What the fuck is wrong with you people!? I am a person, too! Leave me the fuck alone.
I am really annoyed with Koreans... I go to the store, and the staff won't talk to me. They'll just stand quietly and point to the price on their calculator. Some try to say the number in English. I, though, wish they would speak Korean to me just as they speak Korean to all the fucking Koreans. I don't know why they feel the need to treat me so differently just because I don't look Korean...
Everyone in this country is so amazed to discover that I know anything about this country. I sing a couple lines in class from a Korean song and the kids are like "Wow! How do you know that?" "Uh, I live in Korea and hear it on the streets..." "Wow, you can use chopsticks!" "Yeah, they exist outside Korea..." They think foreigners are so fucking stupid...
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