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Day's Slideshow

Enjoying the Blue Skies

A standard Korean park along the shallow river running around Changwon.
A nice man-made lake with a board walk. Behind is a nice, large Homeplus.
Another lake with a board walk, but this one has attracted many Korean families with their children.
A marker with two lions and plenty of hanja writing.
A beautiful park plaza with a large water fountain and plenty of happy children and families enjoying the beautiful blue skies. I threw in a 100 won coin to the fountain, but the Koreans probably thought I was mad to throw away my money.
A nice view looking down to the large water fountain. Lots of children playing and running around. It's interesting to notice the Korean women covering themselves with their umbrellas. Tans are "unattractive" to East Asians, a view I, as a Westerner, completely disagree with. That and it's just silly to use an umbrella when it's not raining.
Even more open green space in Changwon. I like having the mountains in the background, but the whole city, like almost all Korean valleys, is completely flat.

Changwon City Centre

I finally made it to the city centre. There's nothing here, just a lot of brand new office buildings and empty sidewalks. Weekends in a business district is never fun.
Empty shops here for the weekday workers in the area. Eerily quiet on the weekends.
Near a very large roundabout (three-block diameter as I found in parts of England) there I finally come across a shopping district that has attracted a weekend crowd. The picture shows part of a fountain in the sidewalk and trees lining the street. Many streets in Korea are lined with trees to provide some escape from the hot, humid air and the burning Sun. When standing at a bus stop or crosswalk, Koreans are found off to the side standing in the shade. Stupid foreigner me tends to prefer a little color in my skin through standing in the warm sunlight.
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