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Independence Day

Korean Baseball

I went to Busan to celebrate the Fourth of July today! Lotte was playing in town today, so that is of course the big target. Well, I forgot to ask my boss to buy tickets online before today, so I had to wait in line. Ugh, they didn't open the ticket booths until 2pm, three hours before the game! So, yeah, I was in line for two hours to get my couple tickets. The standard seats were all sold out, leaving a little expensive seats or the general admission, first-come first-served seats. I decided to slurge and get the expensive seat. It was a good game with Lotte winning one-nil against SK.
I suppose it's common to write about how different Korean baseball is from that in America. Well, not much to say, really... I just don't think it's a big deal. Sure, they've got four cheerleaders dancing through most of the game and between innings and they also serve Korean food at the game (it is in Korea).
One thing I like is that they've got a song for each player to get the crowd going. My favourite such song is "Gaahh- ruh-cia, ruh-cia, ruh-cia, Gaahh- ruh-cia, ruh-cia, ruh-cia." 가르시아 ("Gah-ruh-cia", er, Garcia) is a famous hitter for Lotte from Mexico. Each team's only allowed two foreigners (xenophobic) and the Koreans can naturally only pronounce "r" between vowels, otherwise it's an "l".
After Lotte got their only run to put them into the lead, everyone in the stands was given an orange plastic bag that we had to fill with air and place atop our heads. I had a little trouble with it, but the woman next to me was nice enough to get it for me.
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