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Arrive in 北京 Beijing

Morning Walk

So I was a little sick on the train to Beijing this morning, but I was intent on seeing all I could of this ancient city. Rather than try to drag my bag through the subway network while trying to figure out where the hell my hotel was, I opted to hire a taxi. However, he didn't know the exact location of my hotel either! I had shown him the address in Chinese, and he actually got me in the neighborhood, but I had to show him a proper map on my new netbook.
The website I had reserved all my hotel rooms through had warned that checking in early might incure a half-day fee, so I left my bag with the concierge and went out to explore for a few hours.
The northwestern corner of the Forbidden City and its square moat (though dry in the winter).
神武门 Shenwu Gate (God Military Gate or Brilliant Gate), the rear, northern, gate to the Forbidden City.
北海 Beihai (North Sea), a small lake immediately northeast of the Forbidden City.
Beiping Library, adjacent to Beihai Park near the Forbidden City.
On a bus back to my hotel, I saw a little cartoon video about a frog trying to get on a crowded elevator full of rabbits. The elevator was already just 2 kilos over the weight limit, but the frog kept trying to push his way in, until suddenly the frog gives a little surprised face and everyone see they're now just under the weight limit. They allow the frog on and we see the doors close to the elevator, and sitting on the floor is a pile of dung...
PS, just if you're into languages or Chinese characters...
北 "bei" means North
京 "jing" means Capital
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