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Error Patch

Did I Do Enough?

Programming is a bitch sometimes. My code kept creating a terrible PHP error code when trying to load some non-existant XML files. Well, I had been putting-off creating code to create those files. But, today, I started by changing the names the links point towards. That was simple enough, and necessary to ensure some commonality.
But that put me up to those errors again. So I went to the line creating the errors. Well, although the targeted XML file existed and was fine, I got this error again. So I had to start putting in code to create the XML file, but it didn't stop the errors. I soon discovered that the file names my code was putting together were the real problems.
So with a few hundred lines of code, it's easy for errors to manifest themselves as new programming conventions come into conflict with the old conventions. So work must be done to circumvent the contradictions and code must be added to force one practice to fit the other.
I wonder, though, if it would not have been better to comb through all the code to better standardise everything and to make all the code more efficient (and remove redundant/unused code). That, however, would require a great amount of time and energy.
What do humans do when their creations get too complicated for them to maintain? They bring in more people and delegate the responsibilities. But then we lose site of the large, unified picture. And so what do we do for a massive system-wide problem when no one person or group can coordinate a solution? I suppose it all comes to a COP15-like Agreement, or any US Congress legislation, with everyone agreeing to work on their little part of the problem without much concern of the larger picture.
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