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남해 Namhae


I have come to 노량리 Noryang-ri in 남해 Namhae to see 남해대교 Namhae-daegyo (Namhae Big Bridge) and 한려해상국립공원 Hallyeo Marine National Park.
냄해대교 Namhae-daegyo (Namhae Big Bridge), connecting 남해 Namhae to 하동 Hadong.
The entrance way to a small temple in 노량리 Noryang-ri.
For a small donation of like 1000원 ($0.90 USD), you can visit a reconstructed Korean turtle battle ship. It's a nice little child-friendly museum environment for the family.
I definitely recommend walking across the bridge. You get a beautiful view of the straight and the village in Namhae.
Across the bridge in 하동 Hadong, I bought a bus ticket to the small town of 진교 Jingyo in western Hadong. I bought my ticket from an older Korean woman. I simple said "Jingyo", but in my American accent I lengthened the "교 gyo" into "교우 gyo-oo". The old woman thought it was funny, chuckling and repeating it to another woman waiting for the bus. It was very rude of her to mock my accent right in front of me like that...
I wondered around 진교 Jingyo in 하동 Hadong for a little while. There was nothing there. So I hopped on a bus to 진주 Jinju.
진주성 Jinjuseong (Jinju Fortress) as the sun sets.
I really enjoyed spending the evening walking along the river in 진주 Jinju. At one end was a gathering of Koreans running a raffle. A woman was nice enough to offer me a couple tangerines.
진양교 Jinyang-gyo (Jinyang Bridge) and its changing colored lights at night.
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